The Tree and me

director: Marko Dimić
short documentary, ecological, 29min, 2017.
Company: AVP Marko Dimić
Function: Post-production Assistant

Producer: Siniša Josip Starčević
Screenwriter: Marko Dimić
Editor: Marko Dimić
Sound designer: Marko Dimić
Director of photography: Marko Dimić
Music: Marko Dimić and Tihomir Borošak
Cast: Marko Švenda
Expert Assistants: Martina Drezga and Marko Habuš
Post-production Assistant: Luka Hrvoj

This is a story about tree surgeon (arborist), who gathers his small team to treat and save the oldest tree in Europe located near Dubrovnik, Trsteno Croatia. This platan tree is 500 years old.
Our main protagonist Marko Svenda is taking us on a trip from Zagreb to Trsteno, teaching us something about trees, arborisam and simple lifestyle.

Smaragdni Eco Film Festival 2018. (premiere 10.6.2018.)
Craft in Focus Film Festival 2018.
Viva Film Festival 2018.
International Ecological Film Festival: To Save and Preserve 2018.
Kinookus film Food Festival 2018 (out of competition- retrospective)
San Francisco Green Film Festival 2018 (in competition: Green Film Network Award 2018)


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